Friday, January 7, 2011

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Kyle - our nephew - his secret identity revealed.

Indulge me for today's post - I just have to acknowledge the most interesting man in the world!

Check out the side bar to my blog and you'll see listed as one of my inspirational links "Kyle's Africa Experience". Last year Kyle, the most interesting man in the world, decided to step out of the advertising rat race to donate his time and talent to World Teach. He left it all behind - the job, the lifestyle of a handsome 20-something professional in Chicago, the comforts of home, and the basic necessities of life - running water, electricity, and the internet.

He's been stationed in Northern Namibia, in the Ohangwena Region, for the past year, teaching 6th grade. There are no white boards in his school, no computer labs; as a matter of fact, books are a hot commodity. His blog - I'm Not A Writer I Just Blog A Lot - gives a blow, by blow account of his experience.

Kyle's commitment to World Teach was one year - and after reading his blog narrating some of his hair raising adventures you can imagine that those of us who find him, not only interesting, but an essential component to our family, were anxious to get him back in the US of A in 2011. Not so fast - Kyle is opting in for year two - the lure of a foam mattress on the floor, cockroach infestation, the annual flood, inconsistent power and water supply, and intestinal blight is too attractive to resist - and he is going back.

What a guy - in fact the most interesting guy in the world - - - he lives vicariously through himself!

His charm is so contagious vaccines were created for it!
Vaccines and antibiotics are his friend - he's gonna need a boat load of them to rid his body of the families of microbes that have taken up residence.

Kyle - he has crossed the point of no return on several occasions. Namibia is home to the black mamba deadly snake. It is a frequent visitor to his remote village, located 20 minutes from the nearest health care facility by car - when the car is working. He thinks we find this information comforting - not!

He once visited a psychic to warn her - unfortunately he did not heed her warning about the "flood fish" - he ate them - let's just say parasites find him as captivating as the world does.

He once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels - it involved eating bugs - caterpillars, ants and cicadas - some live! I hear they're high in protein.

Once the eye of a hurricane winked at him - and then there was that older woman in the village as well - awkward!

When he looks in the mirror his reflection gives him a thumbs up - it's the chest hair!

Stay thirsty my friend! Be safe and well in your journey, your home away from home; and know that we admire your dedication and commitment to make a difference in this world we call home.

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