Sunday, January 9, 2011

Swatch Mama!

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that my youngest daughter, Olivia, is a fashion design student at Parsons School of Design in NYC. Over her break she has been working on some homework - a new collection inspired by wooden Viking churches and writings from the 14th century - seriously.

This is the start of the collection. On the left are swatches of the fabrics she plans to feature in her garments - the nice people at Elegant Fabrics in NYC cut swatches for these fashion students all day long. The illustrated black and white design patterns will be featured in some way, shape or form in her collection - some as lace, others as print. And finally, the croquis, the drawing of the model wearing her garments. There is a fine art to drawing a croquis correctly - communicating the age, style and attitude of the collection. I love her design patterns for this collection, especially the Norse Rune Alphabet - I'm silk screening that for her.

She wants to feature some knits in this collection as accessories - this is where I come in. Liv knows how to knit, but her stitch knowledge is limited to the basics. Yesterday she found my Knitting and Crochet Bible by Claire Crompton and Sue Whiting - an excellent resource for all of your knitting and crocheting questions. She picked out three stitches, bought some cheap variegated yarn and then turned to me for the swatches - I don't mind - it's fun to practice your stitches as small swatches.

This is a swatch of the blind buttonhole stitch,

Here is the Bramble Stitch,
interesting as well from the back.
And finally, the Popcorn Pattern.

I'd love to say that she gets her talent from me, but I'm just not that talented. Later this week I'll share the silk screen with you.

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LindaSchiffer said...

How fascinating to get a look into the design process for a garment collection! I love those Stave churches and I would really like to wear some of these clothes. I don't suppose she would get any class mileage from designing for small, round, middle-aged women, eh? :)


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