Sunday, April 17, 2011

Favorite Things - Not So Fast!!!

So I had plans today - and it involved playing with my new fabric from Purl Soho - Bicycle from Etsuko Furuya for Kokka.

I found this pattern in my collection A Billfold from Favorite Things - I thought it would be the perfect application for my Kokka fabric - it measures about 4 inches square, the perfect size to show off the print of the fabric. I had high hopes - - -

Not so fast - - - agrhhh!!! There were problems - much ripping out - a dash of profanity - and an end result that is headed to the trash!!! Hey - that's my Kokka fabric that was just sacrificed for this ill-conceived pattern - drat!!!

Sorry Favorite Things - this pattern just isn't worth the time or fabric. I actually loved the way my fabric worked with the layout of the pattern. The directions were terrible for putting in the zipper - correctly.

This zippered pouch is for change - - - On heavens - - - just look at how terrible that top stitching looks - there were too many layers to top stitch - my poor Bernina couldn't handle it!!!

I even organized my fabric so that you'd see a bicycle when you opened the pouch - how fun - huh???
Sorry Favorite Things - this billfold just doesn't work - everything about it was wrong - and I wasted my Kokka fabric!!! Not even finishing it - throwing it in the trash - cutting my losses!!!
Now here are two weekend favorites that won't let you down - Seared Scallops with Lemony Sweet Pea Relish - so beautiful, and equally delicious - from May's Cooking Light!
For dessert - Lemon Pudding Cakes - gorgeous, delicious, easy and only 170 calories per serving.

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yahaira said...

oh no! that fabric is too expensive to waste!
at least dinner looks delicious :)

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