Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday in the Big Apple!

It wasn't the nicest of days, chilly and cloudy, but it didn't matter to me - I had a great time in NYC - and it was all about quilts! Nothing says you're in NYC like Rockefeller Plaza!

First stop - the American Folk Art Museum - they are running a number of quilt featured exhibits throughout the year - I took in Part I of the exhibit at the main location on 53 Street (Part II starts April 26). They are also sponsoring quilt exhibits at the Lincoln Square Branch through the end of September.

Here are a few of my favorites - first, this beautiful barn raising variation of a log cabin quilt - it looks illuminated - it included many velvets and satins.

This sunflower quilt is so elegant - I love the long stems of the flowers and leaves.
Amazing and embellished - this quit is a stunner - the details - - -
Loads of beading - - -
Tons of decorative stitchery and a wide variety of fabric - - -
And, livestock!

This crazy quilt interpretation of the map of the US of A was really playful.
Another applique masterpiece - the Bird of Paradise quilt!
I fell in love with this elephant motif.
Glorious tail feathers!
A wonderful pieced example.
I'm sharing this sign with you because I actually like the term Show Quilts - isn't that what an art quilt is - a show quilt?
And the most beautiful patriotic quilt I've ever seen - this quilt is just amazing.
From the museum, I hopped a cab and headed to Purl Soho - now, I've been to this shop before with either my husband or daughters waiting - - - (im)patiently - - - and on a weekend when the place is so jammed you can't get a good look at anything.
Today was my day at Purl - finally. It's a great little shop, but the selection in house is definitely limited in comparison to their on-line presence. That being said - if you're in NYC on a weekday try to make time for a Purl Soho explore.

After Purl I walked - yes, walked back to City Quilter at 25th St. (except I got lost window shopping and actually walked to 35th St - - - oh, my aching feet!!!). I have no photos from City Quilter but I do have BIG news from City Quilter - - - they've doubled in size!!! And, they've started an Art Quilt Gallery in the front section of the new space. Their first exhibit features the work of Daphne Taylor - I love her quilts - her hand quilting defines her style - so subdued. The space is lovely!

And now for the best treat in NYC - the windows of Lion Brand Yarns - - - every time I'm in NYC I head to their window to see what new wonder they have created - - - and they never disappoint! This visit - it was out of space!!! Everything in this window is either knitted or felted!
A knitted UFO complete with an alien knitted monkey!
A spinning rocket,
Of course, an astronaut - knitted!
Inside the shop you are welcomed by a whimsical tree growing out of the wall - yes, a knitted tree - providing a perch for cute little birdies,
And a place to set up home in a knitted bird house!
Tomorrow, I'll show you what I bought - not much, but different.

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