Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rip, Rip, Rip

Agrrrrhhhh! I hate to rip seams, but I'm just not finding a happy place with my settings for Jackson's quilt. And, ever notice that when you need your seam ripper, it's no where to be found - - - today I found it stuck to my lint roller - after an hour of looking for it! Agrrrrhhhh!!!

O.K. - here was the first setting I auditioned - by auditioned I should really say that I sewed it together completely - it was a full committal audition - - - and I hated it. That bias pieced sashing would result in years of therapy for Jackson - life's challenging enough.

Here's my second stab - audition - full committal, of course. I'm still not happy - - - there's just simply too much happening - - - where the heck is that seam ripper??? I tried selecting a solid color to use for sashing but nothing is really working. I fear the only way forward is editing some blocks out and relegating them to another quilt - - - I need to calm this blankie down!
One positive note to my day - I found fantastic, comfy shoes, and I love them. A little peep-toe for spring nail colors, and just enough heel to keep my ankle happy (long story short - - - my ankle was restructured using my knee - - - it only likes certain shoes). Comfy shoes are important - I've got lots of walking planned for the weekend!

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