Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jackson's Quilt - After a Dose of NyQuilt

NyQuilt - haven't heard of this quilt altering drug - well let me introduce you - - - this is what a little NyQuilt will do to calm down a chaotic quilt - - - there, that's much better - - -

Remember this trendy mess - - - yuk!!!
I found this setting while browsing quilts on line - a whimsical cattywompus layout I've seen referred to as Kirichigae from a book by Susan Briscoe. Kirichigae means "changed cut".
Take a closer look at how the blocks are set - - -

Want to play with this setting - - - this is how I drafted the block. The blue square represents the finished block dimensions (without seam allowances), and the pink square represents the pieced interior block (without seam allowances). Find the center of both and use a push pin to anchor them to your cutting mat.
Now you can spin the the pink block to your desired angle. Here I've aligned the side of the inset block with the corner of the finished block. Once you're happy with the angle you can draft a template for the pieces by adding a 1/4'' seam allowance around the perimeter.
When I set Jackson's block at this angle it was too severe - back to the drawing board.
Take a look at the block from the quilt - I've set it at a less severe angle.
Just for fun, I drafted a four patch block using the technique and 4 '' square blocks - fun! Want to see this setting in a quilt??? Take a look at this elegant example from E. Wolfmeyer Quilts - I love this quilt!Tomorrow - the border treatment.

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yahaira said...

ooo it came out great! it's so playful and I love that the blocks have a little breathing room

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