Sunday, April 3, 2011

NY Times - Sunday Style

On The Street - a mainstay of the Sunday NY Times - is eye candy. A photo montage of the pulse of the fashion style of NYC - what's hot and who is wearing what. I love On the Street, and I'm about as far from fashionable as one can wander - its fun, playful, and never negative!On the Street is the visual column of Bill Cunningham - there's his by-line - who ever he is???
This Bill guy also keeps tabs on the movers and shakers of NYC in another visual column, Evening Hours - snapping pics of all of the important societal goings-on in the Big Apple.

So who is this Bill guy??? For years I have been viewing his parade of pics - never really giving much thought to the person behind the lens. Never really giving any weight to what those photos mean to the world of fashion. Well - meet Bill - - - octogenarian, photographer, style scout, milliner by trade, bike rider, blue coat wearer, NY'er, catholic, single - - - with an insatiable appetite to document trends and styles in the world of fashion. He is the most important photographer to the world of fashion - real fashion.

Last night I saw Bill Cunningham - New York, a documentary based on the work of this living legend. It's showing at the Ritz at the Bourse in Philly. An amazing documentary capturing the life of this brilliant fashion icon. Whether you care about fashion or not, the film, and the life of Bill Cunningham, is captivating - I highly recommend it.

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