Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Sky Day!!!

An absolutely incredible day here in Pennsylvania - a big sky day - full of the promise! My husband and I started our day bright and early at Hawk Mountain to take in the fall migration - what a wonderful day to see raptors of every kind, as well as numerous species of butterflies, heading south in their annual migration.

September 25th and 26th is the Hawk Mountain Art Show which takes place at Cabela's - one visit to the mountain and you understand fully why it is such an influence to artists - for me today - on this absolutely beautiful day - it was all about "big sky".

We had a full agenda today - and after our hike on Hawk Mountain we headed to Bowers, Pennsylvania - which soaking wet can't have a population of over 500 inhabitants - unless of course it's the day of their annual Chile Pepper Festival.
During Chile Festival "chile-heads" from far and wide convene in this tiny rural village to celebrate the inferno of the produce world - the chile.
This festival is all about these little beauties - chiles - and everything chile - how to tame their heat or make it set your taste buds a blaze. Meadow View Farm is located on the north side of Bowers and grows fields of chiles and heirloom tomatoes and more.
Any good festival worth its weight has great festival food, especially a festival focused on food. The Chile Pepper Fest does not disappoint. Get a load of this food tent - that is a plateful of fresh fried, home-made potato chips.
To complete this coronary assault they top off this mound of lacy fried morsels with a slather of melted cheese-y goodness. While I was dying to try them I just couldn't allow myself the indulgence.
And, yes, you can add chile peppers to almost any food as evidenced by this menu board - and no, I didn't try any of these items either - jalapeno funnel cake - some things are just sacred and should not be chile-ed up.
Our friends Jeff and Joanne from the Chile Spot were selling their chile sauces - I am rabid about their Chipotle Finishing Sauce - nothing makes a poached egg sing like that finishing sauce can!
Our day isn't finished yet - back on the road - in to the big sky - next stop -
Union Jack's on the Manatawny - location - pretty much in the middle of nowhere, southeast of Oley, PA.Our mission - beer - really wonderful beer. Union Jack's maintains a great selection of amazing beers, on tap, as well as over 100 bottled beers. And the food - well let's just say yum! I had a duck quesadilla that was worth a return visit in and of itself.
Big sky on the way back home- designated driver at the wheel - what a great day! Hope you too had a great day!

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Amber said...

Great post! The Chili Pepper Fest was loads of fun and it looks like Hawk Mountain was nice too. Sorry I missed it!

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