Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling Crabby!

Happy Labor Day to all!!! There's no better way to spend Labor Day than with a bunch of crabby friends - by that I mean friends who love crabs - who relish the opportunity to sit for hours with mallets and picks harvesting the delicious Old Bay infused meat of the Atlantic Blue Crab - well over a bushel of the beauties. And no good crab boil is complete without really good, and in this case, local beer - Victory Brewing of Downingtown Pennsylvania - their award winning Prima Pils. What do I like best about a crab boil - the luxury of slow eating - it takes all night to work your way through a crab boil, giving plenty of time for conversation and laughter.It took 10 adults and a handful of kids (not serious crab eaters) over 3 hours of eating to polish off the crab stash, accompanied by corn on the cob, sliced tomato salad and watermelon - simple, and simply delicious. Thank you Earl for missing the mid-Atlantic and giving us the most beautiful crisp, cool evening, and thanks Laura and John for your warm hospitality! Some participants in the feast artfully displayed the carcasses of consumption.
While others were not so creative - this was more of a crab mauling.
For dessert we had Zucchini Cupcakes and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes from Iced By Betsy - OMG - the best cupcakes ever! Betsy sells her cupcake gems at the Phoenixville Farmers Market - visit her website for more info - these cupcakes are packed with flavor!

After our dinner we sat around a campfire examining our war wounds of crab pierced fingers and complimented our crab eating efforts while sampling some some "hooch" - raspberry infused grappa. Life is Good!

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