Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthdays in Boston

Just got back from a beautiful weekend in Boston - we were there the celebrate my oldest daughter's 21st birthday - here she is with her first ever beer! Well, that's a stretch! She was carded before being served - it's all legal now!
We spent some time roaming around the South End of Boston - home to many of Boston's art galleries - here's a shot of a row of galleries off Harrison Avenue. We wandered into many of the galleries and saw some amazing collections.
One artist in particular piqued my curiosity, Ann Toebbe, showing at the Steven Zevitas Gallery. Ann is a paper artist and her collage work has many quilterly aspects. This is called "The Ex-Wife's Plants and Things", and was included in the exhibit as well as a number of other works from her Housekeeping series. Please take a look at her website to see the rest of her work.

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