Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Serendipity + Spirograph = Spiro-dipity!!! I stopped by the Quilters' Corner in Chadds Ford today and tripped on this amazing fabric, further fueling my current fascination with all things Spirograph! So cool - designed by Exclusively Quilters.
It is such a throw back for me - the hours I spent playing with my Spirograph! I just love this fabric - now what to do with it???
Easy - - - I picked up this pattern from Atkinson Designs for some small purse pouches - perfect quick project - show and tell tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Do people in your family ever reap the benefits of your projects? Maybe if they "throw you a bone"?? ~ Your PSU niece

Anonymous said...

The change purses are cute and I really like the black fabric.

youe niece from Hamburg

Lisa ONeill said...

Throw me a bone - maybe you'll get something in return!

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