Friday, September 3, 2010

I Survived Moving Day at Boston University!

Here she is - Meredith - our oldest, entering her junior year at Boston University in art history. We were fortunate for her freshman and sophomore years to be able to avoid the dreaded mass move-in fiasco that defines Boston University. No such luck this year - we were moving them from their sophomore apartment to their junior apartment - it had to be done September 1st, along with every other student at BU, and many other schools in the Boston area - oh, did I mention it was 97 degrees!!! Chaos underscores the event - the city was in gridlock - U-Hauls of every size blocking every intersection and double parked on every street. Tempers challenged by traffic and no-show landlords. It took my husband, Meredith, her two roommates, and gullible friends three trips too and fro, old apartment to new apartment, to move all of their earthly belongings. Now, this new apartment has its perks - it's a spacious old Victorian home, with beautiful stained glass throughout, lovely old mouldings and wood beamed ceilings.
And it has its problems - the wear and tear of years of college students. This hole in the wall is one example. And did I mention filthy - you can thank me for sparing you the photos of that. It's not filthy anymore - I spent 12 hours cleaning it top to bottom - I still smell of chlorine.
Here's are the happy new tenants - Alex, Meredith and Randi - in their foyer.
And here they are with their girlfriends on their wrap around porch.
And where there are girlfriends, there are boyfriends - the muscles of the move. What a great group of "kids" - we had a great day with them and hope they have a great time in their new home. Next visit - no work, all play!


Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing that. Reminds me when we helped my kids go to school.

Katrina said...

this reminds me of my time at BU!

Anonymous said...

Shades of moving my kids to Penn State. The landlords do take advantage of every new tenant. Lucky they have moms who clean up the last mess.


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