Monday, September 27, 2010

Finding My Groove

It all started with these fabrics from Michael Miller - from his grey / citron collection. This is the core of my upcoming baby quilt for my nephew and his wife, Jordan and Meg. Meg is a designer so I really wanted to include her in the fabric selection process - her nursery color selections are green, gray, white and fuchsia. My first reaction was sheer delight - no pink or blue! Then the fright set in - what color green, what shade of fuchsia??? I was delighted when they selected this line.

Then they threw this one at me - I'll admit initially I was fairly certain this Optic Blossom fabric from Amy Butler was never going to work - I thought the lack of white would fight with the other "white defined" fabrics.
Then I found this one from Quilting Treasures - I'm liking this. This will definitely be a contemporary quilt - but it needs something a little jazzier........
It needs some groove - Groovy Guitars from Michael Miller - many thanks to Fabric Baby on Esty for still stocking this great fabric.
So here is the current collection - yup - I'm missing something - I'm missing fuchsia - it's in the mail - should get it any day!!! Hey - the Optic Blossom fabric plays nicely with all of the other fabrics - cool!
Does the color wheel tell me I can do this color mixing - nope - this citron green color is supposedly happier with a purple or violet. I don't always believe what the wheel tells me. This weekend I was out and about and noticed a gorgeous gray planter - draped with a chartreuse sweet potato vine and filled with lovely fuchsia and white begonias - that was my fabric collection - it worked perfectly together. You'll see - as soon as my fuchsia arrives in the mail (the local quilt shops didn't handle it so I had to mail order).

FYI to all MS Publisher users - take a look at their color schemes - this is called "floral" and has a light turquoise added as well!

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Deborah said...

Can't wait to see what you do with these! I'm love, love, loving them all!

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