Saturday, March 27, 2010

Acknowledging Success

Quick post today - I just wanted to let you know that earlier this week I contacted all of the Lancaster AQS award winners that I included in my blog post. I was so excited to receive a comment back from each and every one of them, some here at the blog, others via e-mail. I even heard back from the various vendors and Lancaster businesses that I featured - all positively acknowledging my blog. And, yes, AQS even responded. Wow, thanks!

Actually I tried e-mailing Diane Johnston of Nevada, a recipient of an "threadfromtheedge" award, but my e-mail ended up with Dianne Johnston of Australia, she too a quilter and designer of patterns. I had numerous e-mail conversations with Dianne of Australia yesterday trying to unravel my blunder - we both enjoyed my mistake, Dianne more so than me. Never could locate contact information of Diane Johnston of Nevada - she'll never know she received my award.

This post is just to say "Thanks" - thanks to everyone for noticing my blog and thanks for your positive feedback! I really do appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm house sitting for Diane as I type. I'll try to locate her email address for you or at least leave her a note to visit your blog. She'll be thrilled that you featured her quilt in a blog post!


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