Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bragging Rights

I have two wonderful daughters, Meredith and Olivia. Meredith, a student at Boston University, could care less about sewing. Olivia caught the sewing bug when she was in middle school and hasn't stopped since. She is a freshman at Parsons School of Design in New York City - the home of Project Runway. Liv's major - fashion design, of course.

Tomorrow she is having her first sample sale for a line she and her boyfriend, Tucker, designed for their "un-fashion" class. Honestly, I'm not sure what exactly "un-fashion" refers to. She sent me photos and has allowed me to share them with you all.

Liv did most of the modeling, she's only 5'4" so no runway for her. I'll let the clothes speak for themselves. I love the photography - a fellow Parsons' student snapped the pics.

They call the venture Local Meat. Liv and Tucker did all of the garment construction. .
This shirt has really cool shoulder embellishments - wish the artistic photos showed a bit more detail.

This jacket is up-cycled using an old sweater for the sleeves and an old leather jacket as the body of the garment. Liv's been going crazy knitting these cowl scarves. They even made the leggings.

Here's a better detail shot of the shoulders.

Now this it the one I want - they used this really great wooden bead trim for the back of this shirt - not so sure how comfy you'd be sitting on the subway, but it certainly makes a statement. They bought almost all of their fabric and supplies at Goodville Fabric Outlet in Goodville, PA and Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet in Leola (there is another on South 4th St. in Philly). Hope you enjoyed!

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Anonymous said...

very cool. like the 'upcycle'. Quilters have been frontrunners and pioneers in this 'new trend'. Those wooden beads will encourage good posture on the subway...OK, maybe not. Liv has your eyes!!! almost spooky on first pic. Hadn't noticed the striking resemblance before. me

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