Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy National Quilting Day

Hi All - hope you had a wonderful National Quilting Day! I didn't do any quilting today - it was such a beautiful day my husband and I spent the day hiking at Hawk Mountain - wonderfully inspiring!

I'm sending you this bouquet of flowers to help you celebrate the day. I made this years ago - and sorry it's not finished. It was the outcome of a class I took with Teresa Fusco on "snipplets", all raw edge, all glued. It was pretty much this class that confirmed that I do not like raw edge or gluing. Thing is - I really like this piece - so rather than banish it to the back of my quilting closet forever - I'm sharing it with you on our special quilting day.

Here are some detail shots. I loved coming up with my flower designs in this class.

Two simple offset triangles make an intriguing flower.

Spring is here and so are pussy willows.

I love the bend to the twigs of the plants.

Simple flowers, yet all distinctly different.

I was new to machine quilting when I took this piece to the machine - I over quilted - basically thread painted some of the first flowers I attempted to quilt. I honestly don't think it can be saved - but it's still nice to look at. Enjoy your holiday quilters!

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