Monday, March 15, 2010

My Colorful Dreary Day

It was another gray and dreary day here in the mid-Atlantic region - enough is enough already. Into the sewing room and break out the color - my charm squares from the Kaufman solid collection - 48 five inch squares of their solid collection.

I'm working on a sample quilt based on a technique I've been experimenting with - I'd love to share it with you, but I'm not sure what I want to do with the technique in terms of publishing it. I love using charm squares with the technique - but all of these colors needed to meet the special guest at my rainy day color party - - -

GRAY! Using a strong neutral like gray can really make the colors shout. Think about it - a gray sky makes all of the colors of the landscape look alive.

I love working with solids - thing is not all solids are created equally. My favorite mass produced solids by far are the Amy Butler broadcloth solids. Take a look at the weaves below on the three sample fabrics. The gray is the Amy Butler solid - slate color - a nice tight weave, and a beautifully soft hand. The weave on the other two sample fabrics is visually different - the fibers are larger and the weave is not as tight, resulting in a stiffer hand to the fabric. The Amy Butler fabric is manufactured by Free Spirit - however, only in a limited color choice - - - Free Spirit - if your listening - MORE COLORS PLEASE!!!

Tomorrow I'm posting my St. Patty's menu just in case you want to cook along. Stay tuned - you're going to need Guiness and a nice Irish whiskey.

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