Monday, March 8, 2010

A Visit to Lion Brand Yarn's Flagship Store

I have been walking past the Manhattan outpost of the Lion Brand Yarn storefront for the past 2 years, and have never had the opportunity to pay a visit - why - because they're closed on Saturday. Finally we were in the city on a Sunday - welcome to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio - you have to love the door handles (the bike rack is also knit-covered, but was parked full)

This has to be one of the best dressed windows in NYC, and it changes with the season!
The knitted snowman who graced the window on my last visit in December must have melted - thank heavens! Welcome spring at Lion Brand!
Here's the mascot of the shop - he is massive, and could make anyone want to learn to knit.
Have a close up look at the sun - a giant ball of yarn surrounded by a knitted and crocheted wreath of flowers.
When you step into the store you are welcomed by this lovely vignette - all knitted and crocheted goodies with the feature fibers of the season.
Anyone care for a sweet?
Here is their sampling wall - features all of their new fibers and gives their 411.
This is a good sized store (for Manhattan), and it was crowded with customers when I arrived - but you simply cannot miss the amazing knitted and crocheted mural spanning the back bricked wall of the shop. The colors and the textures of the piece draw you in.
The piece was created by Prudence Mapstone, an amazing free-form fiber artist. You can check her out at Knot Just Knitting - don't you love the name! She has a fantastic gallery.
Here are a few close-ups --- there's just so much to see in this piece.
Look at the detail.
It is so worth planning a trip to this shop - so inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Wow I think I actually want to see this yarn store


Christine said...

OK- I officially want to start knitting. :) Christine

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