Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yes, YouTube Can Knit

I had my hair cut and colored yesterday at Blaze Salon in West Chester. The salon is staffed with a fantastic group of young women. It was chilly outside so I was wearing one of my scarves - the Tudor Grace Scarf pattern from a simple lace knit suited for the beginner. Never did I expect my scarf would garner so much attention - the women at the salon swooned over it - could not believe I knitted it. Turns out this group of trendy, 20-something hair stylists were wanna-be knitters. They were amazed that if they learned some simple knitting stitches they too could be wearing a Tudor Grace Scarf.I was thrilled over their interest in knitting and provided encouragement for them to try their hand at knitting - pointing them in the direction of for basic tutorials and recommending local knitting stores to purchase supplies. As I sat there slathered with hair dye they were planning their first knitting party, complete with the requisite bottle of wine. I'm hoping next month when I return for my appointment I will be greeted with scarf wearing stylists. It's so refreshing to see the interest in all things handmade from a younger generation.

I'll take this youth movement a step further. Since I started blogging my 20-something nephew has been reading my blog - hi TJ! I thought he was only paying attention to the recipes - this was a child who ate only chicken fingers and ketchup for the first 20 years of his life, and has finally discovered healthy eating habits - last week he wanted a recipe for quinoa - get my heart pills! Well, turns out he pays attention to everything I write. Yesterday I included in my post a photograph of swatch cards - what could he care about swatch cards? Well this morning on my Facebook wall I find a post from TJ, referencing me to Color Scheme Designer 3, a fantastic on-line color wheel application - check it out - I love to use a color wheel in designing my quilts. Did I mention he's adorable and single?

No recipe tonight but foodie update - Brian Boitano is back on the Food Network starting this Sunday - What Would Brian Boitano Make. I admit last season when I heard Brian Boitano was going to have a cooking show I was more than skeptical - what could this guy, this figure skater, possibly know about good food, let alone cooking good food. Well, as it turns out, he knows quite a bit. I caught a "Brian Boitano-athon" on the Food Network about a month ago and was really impressed - his presentation was great and his recipes were fresh and very interesting. He has some fantastic drink concoctions as well. I was sold - check him out Sunday at 1PM.


Anonymous said...

love the color wheel site from nephew AND your description....20 something WHAT??? em's 25!!!CK

Anonymous said...

The color wheel was from her 30 something nephew Jordan actually. I am the guilty 20 something (27) ex chicken finger lover.. Lisa did you have one of the new Starbucks Trenta's before you blogged this morning and just get us all jumbled up?

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