Thursday, March 4, 2010


Last night I was not feeling well when I posted my blog - I've had a terrible cold all week and my head was so stuffy, I was just not thinking clearly. I made the mistake of reporting that my nephew TJ - the ex-chicken finger addict, sent me the link to the color wheel. Well, I was wrong - his older brother Jordan was to credit for the link - thanks Jorno and Meg (his lovely wife). In my defense, I have so many nieces and nephews it can be challenging to keep up with them - I have 5 brothers and my husband has 10 brothers and sisters. Our youngest niece just turned one, and the oldest "kids" are in their 40's!

Why is this important - - - they all read my blog - what a hoot! This morning my Facebook wall was filled with corrections to yesterday's post. I stand corrected already! I also made the mistake of posting TJ's personal status - adorable and single - now the other single nieces and nephews are demanding equal billing. Maybe some day I'll start a new blog - Aunt Lisa's Matchmaking Service, until then I'm sticking with the cooking and quilting.

But really "kids", thanks so much for supporting my blog - it really means a lot to me. Love you all and wish I got to see you more often! Mwah!

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