Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Trip To Hawk Mountain

I've had a wonderfully busy weekend - filled with things I love to do and those I have to do. Yesterday my husband and I hiked Hawk Mountain - I find it so inspiring. We met the fellow below.

He can't fly, but he's scary as all get out! This is a quilt I made celebrating Hawk Mountain - it's called Spring Sermon - Hawk Mountain. Why "Spring Sermon" - because the plant on the left is called a Jack-in-the-Pulpit; I imagine it's preaching to all of the other plants and wildlife in the picture. I can't wait for all of the spring plants to make their appearance on the mountain.

I painted the background fabric and the fabric for the birch log. I use oil pastels to highlight specific areas after I'm finished with the quilting and thread painting. It was the result of a challenge in my Layers quilting group. Tomorrow I'll be introducing you to the upcoming challenge - it was influenced by my love of Hawk Mountain.

I love this photo from yesterday - moss is one of my favorite subjects to
photograph - this is a new one for me - the upright growth is so interesting - looks like little worms stretching up from the ground.

Imagine taking the bark of this tree and interpreting it in fabric - I think it would be beautiful.

These next two photos are from my local park - they look like giant beaks emerging from the ground. You can see a giant stamen encased in the purple beak on the first photo. They are growing in the very marshy sections of the park. I have no idea what they are - if you know, please leave a comment.

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WandaQuilts said...

Your photos and your quilt are awesome! Made me want to hike Hawk Mtn, and I don't hike! You have a new follower.

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