Sunday, October 10, 2010

30 Something

As a reminder - here is the photo from ProChem for the Rain Forest 30 Step Gradation dying kit. As you will see, I did not obtain these colors - I love what did get, but my colors are far from this sample.
Here's my line up:
Different from expected - better!
Here's a closer look at some color groupings - you can see the beautiful crystallization effects I achieved.
Blues going to green - yum!
More green - less activity - way less crystallization.
Lots more green and next to no crystallization, especially on the bright limey greens. Hmmmm - wonder why???
A closer look at my boring greens.
Enough of boring, back to the interesting stuff. Take a closer look at some of this movement.
I got lots of sand dollar crystals.
And jellyfish-like creatures.
This reminds me of a scarab.
O.K. - tomorrow I'm going to post my experiments - my shibori - I promise not to disappoint. Here a teaser to pique your curiosity - a tiny example of what I was able to produce - wait until you see this entire piece.

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