Monday, October 4, 2010

Tic - Tac -

- Toe!!! Here it is - my autumn quilt - I made it several years ago - it makes a showing every fall to cozy up with on the first cool nights of my favorite season of the year - fall!Of all of the quilts I have made this is my family's favorite to cuddle up with. There are two reasons they love this quilt. First, the fabric is amazingly soft, thanks to the double shot solids and woven stripes from Kaffe Fassett used for the X's. And the second reason - the drape of the batting - I'd love to know what batting I used for this quilt, but I have no idea.
Now I know someone is going to ask what pattern I used, and I honestly wish I could tell you - thing is, I have no idea. I was using up odds and ends of fabric - they have no rhyme or reason to be grouped together other than their suggestion of autumn. Take a look and you'll find 1930's repro's, Halloween, and Thimbleberries to mention a few.I went crazy with the quilting - one of my favorite overall free-motion quilting designs - I call it oyster shells.
I had a lot of fun using up all of the excess fabric on the borders - freestyle bordering - a new extreme sport for quilters.And, yes, in deed-ie doo, it's gotten mighty brisk here in Chester County. Lily needed her sweater for our walk in the park yesterday. Lily is our Maltese - all four pounds of her!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun looking quilt. I came yesterday and then back today, hoping that someone would comment as to what the pattern is. I guess I could figure it out with out a pattern. Just wanted to let you know that I like it!

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