Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilt Show Quickie

I visited the quilt show hosted by Berks County Quilt Guild this weekend - I love this show - it's an honest, old fashioned quilt show - they even have homemade food and baked goods. I grew up in Berks County - I just feel at home at this show.

They had a lovely exhibit of vintage quilts - here's a few of my favorites - I want this quilt - split bars with teeth! Maker unknown - all of the vintage quilts had nameless makers.

I have always wanted to make a bed sized Star of Bethlehem quilt - haven't had the time yet. My first quilt ever was a Star of Bethlehem - it measured about 40 inches squared - I followed the directions in a book from the library - if I do say so myself - it was a very noble effort. I sold it years ago at a yard sale - wish I had it back. Here are two exceptional examples of a Star of Bethlehem quilt - it's all about the colors.
These Star of Bethlehem quilts are convincing me to finish up my current projects and to fulfill my goal of a bed sized star quilt.Yes, this is the same quilt, but take a look at the cradle in the photo - what a beautiful quilt - wish I had a better photo of it to share with you.
Simple, cozy, perfect.
The rest of the quilts are contemporary - and I'm embarrassed to say I do not have the maker's name of all of them - I apologize. This is a machine quilted whole cloth quilt - look at the delicate stitching - way more patience than I have.
I loved the colors on this quilt - so much movement in such a simple quilt. I thought for sure I could zoom into the label to get the name of the maker - sorry.
This was my favorite quilt in the show - I just think her use of color was so unexpected. Unfortunately I don't think this photo does it justice.
Another wonderful quilt - every single point on this quilt was perfect - every one! Again - couldn't zoom in to get the maker's name.
Love this shadowed diamond setting. This quilt was assembled by Joyce Bradford and was the result of the guild's Block of the Month. The block was designed by Diane Holmes.
Take a closer look - such a 3-D effect!
I'm going to contact the guild to see if they can fill in the missing names - I'll give an update in the comments section.

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Angie said...

I wanted to go this weekend. Now that I see all of your picture, I wish I didn't already have plans. I love the 3D one, they are all so talented.

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