Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Store Alert

Have you heard about Remnantz??? Remnantz is a new knitting / sewing store located in Douglasville, PA. It's a bit confusing to tell you how to find it - no fear - their new website will be up any day now with precise directions for their location.

They have walls of gorgeous yarns.
Not to mention an Eiffel Tower bursting with a colorful array of fantastic fibers.
The owners have a unique knack for artistic display - here an antique pram is the perfect resting place for a collection of baby yarns.
I learned about a German line of clothing patterns for children - Farbenmix de - the styles are adorable - the are the only local retailers of the patterns.
Special arrival for the season - pumpkin hats!
Fabric is not the focus at this shop - they carry minimal fabric - a small selection of predominantly Amy Butler quilting weight and home dec, and this collection of laminated cottons. They are holding sewing classes for both children and adults.
Looking for friends to sew and knit with??? They host bi-monthly sip and stitches - - -
although I could think of something else to put in this glass at a sip and stitch.When you visit Remnantz make sure you fit in a stop at Ladyfingers Sewing in Oley - it's only about 10 minutes from Remnantz.


Colleen said...

Sooooo your photos were amazing and now I so want to check that store out! I have no idea how to knoit beyond the basic stitch, but I love all the colors and textures! Their displays are amazing and I really want to knit those pumpkin hats eventhoug I don't know how! Thanks for the news!

Anonymous said...

The new site with directions is up! Check it out at

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