Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scared Scrappy

Happy Halloween!!! - - - I always loved sewing my kids' Halloween costumes - the more elaborate, the better, but they're are off at college so I had to pick on Lily - our 4 pound Maltese. When life gives you scraps - use them creatively! I even made a tail to her costume - a treat since she was born tail-less.
Earlier this week I made a mountain of scraps cutting out 3 separate quilts.
I threw them down on top of a piece of backing fabric and batting,
Threw some water soluble stabilizer on top of all of the pieces,
And started roaming around the mess - stitching where ever - after all - this is a dog costume.
I finished it up and gave it a good rinse to dissolve the stabilizer. The rest was all improve - sizing it and attaching ties to keep it on Lily long enough for a few pictures and a visit to the neighbors - thank heavens she didn't have to pee!

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