Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scaredy Cats and Spooky Stitches!

I love Halloween decorations - maybe it's the colors, or maybe it's my dark side emerging - whatever the reason my collection of Halloween finery grows every season. What a silly little scaredy cat - - -
Add a few more cats and it really get silly - - -
Throw in a Jack-o-lantern or three - - -
And the party really gets going!!!
I love this little woolly mat I made to celebrate Halloween - - - I wish I could tell you who created the pattern - sorry - I gave it away at a guild meeting a few years back. I did some of the stitching by hand, but - ACHOO! - admit to machine stitching as well -ACHOO! - me and wool - ACHOO! - it's a love hate relationship - - - I love it but I just can't stop sneezing, wheezing, and itching when I work with it.

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Florence said...

Oh I love their teeth - adorable!

Florence x

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