Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mother of the Bride

Not Me!!! My good friend Carol, smack dab in the middle, is the first in my group of friends to be marrying off her daughter. This is us - on one of our outings to Carol's house in the Poconos. Relax - that's a BB Gun - no one would trust us with anything more powerful. Don't you love the plaid shirts - Carol makes us wear those shirts so we fit in - I think it's going to take more than a plaid shirt for us to fit in!
We would have all loved to attend the wedding - after all, we've known her daughter since she was a wee tot - unfortunately it's a destination wedding, on a Friday - it was just too hard for most of us to show up in number. The only attendee is the armed fashion bandit.

How can we show our support - how can we be there without being there??? A Mother of the Bride Survival Kit - Perfect! Here's a photo of all of the goodies we stuck in the survival kit - but a photo just doesn't do justice - after all, there is a narrative that accents our survival items.

Item by item - here is our MOTB (mother-of-the-bride) Survival Kit, and our commentary - I just know Carol is gonna feel the love! Every item is wrapped individually and has our commentary card taped to it.

Rub Relief – let’s make this clear - this is for shoe rubbing. You can try it experimentally on anything, or anyone, who is rubbing you the wrong way – results cannot be guaranteed!

Emery Boards – share one of these with all of the bridesmaids – no one likes frayed edges!

Lint Roller – if you press hard enough with the roller you can actually wax with it too – in case you forgot any spots!

Band-aids – in the event of a boo-boo, or if your bra gets too uncomfortable!

Aleve – on that dance floor do not let anyone dip you, bad things can happen when you dip - believe me. If you do dip – you’re gonna need these!

Wisp Disposable Toothbrushes – Never leave home without them. Use after each menu course to make sure your teeth are free of debris!

Surprise! – A comb / brush combo to keep you looking HOT! Always wear lipstick – you never know when someone is gonna snap a photo – lipstick makes the woman! My mother-in-law taught me that!

Sleep mask – what you can’t see, can’t hurt you – it’s gonna be a long day – find time to fit in a nappy-poo to keep you fresh!

Altoids – to keep you kiss-able all day long.

Shout – only a mother would to worry about the laundry on this eventful day – wipe out stains and relax!

Clear Nail Polish – just in case you’re crazy enough to wear hose, and just in case they run – they always run! Go hose-less!

Sewing kit – I certainly hope this is keeping you in stitches!

Pins - to hold your nerves together!

Lotion – to keep you touchably soft!

Energy Pack (Red Bull and Power Bar) – for you, John is on his own!

Hair Bows – remember when doing “Katie’s” hair was this simple!

Tissues – Do these really bear explanation??? They are for John when he gets the bill!!!

Maxi-Pad – just in case you start laughing too hard!

Champagne – Celebrate!

We may not be able to be at the wedding, but she's gonna feel our love and support. Here's hoping for a wonderful wedding! Feel free to borrow the idea - it was so much fun putting it together!

Oh, and least I forget - - - Go Phillies!!!

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